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M U S I C .. . .   . .    .
music samples of some bands i have played with:
(admittedly, some of these are rather dated)

recently in paris with tamar-kali (skip to 1:03)

tamar-kali:   live in paris 2012 - sons d'hiver (skip to 1:03)
jay sean:   live on BET special - rising icons
live video - from acer arena in sydney
live video
- "ride it"

gala:   live video - from ethias arena in belgium
live video - pasha club in moscow

the ruling party:   live video - from fearless music (fox tv)
nightmares - streaming
if we had yesterday - streaming
dr. israel &seven:   revolution dub - MP3 sample
sodom -
MP3 sample
system cracks under pressure -
MP3 sample
tamar-kali:   boot - from ep
lover - from ep
your girl - from ep
alexis hightower:   i've paid my dues - real audio sample
bye bye blackbird - real audio sample
december $$, january rain - real audio sample
the jazzhole:   love philosophy - real audio sample
ndolo - real audio sample
enjoy the silence - real audio sample
alice:   this party - MP3 sample