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P H O T O S  F R O M  T H E  R O A D  .. . .   . .    .
moments of video footage, sound files and pictures from various tours:

mosquitos:  us tour
photos from the east to west coast us national tour
in the spring of 2005

dr. israel and seven in paris (with interview)
live footage from the concert at les glaz art in paris
on november 11th, 2004

ben arthur:  taping of cold pizza, live tv
pictures from a live espn2 tv show taping of cold pizza
at 5am on february 19, 2004
(12 pics)

alexis hightower: pictures from the european summer tour
pictures from a short heat-wave tour of austria and germany during
the month of august 2003
(54 pics)

dr israel and seven: pictures from european summer tour
a month-long tour crossing europe (uk, netherlands, germany
belgium) for the month of august 2002 
(49 pics)

neil anderson: the antipypr - grandfather mountain
pictures from the scotish festival shows at grandfather
mountain, north carolina: july 2002 
(16 pics)

alizarin crimson: threshold studios
pictures from recording and EP in the studio in
times square: march 2002 
(20 pics)

tamar-kali: pictures from joe's pub
a show played at joe's pub in new york city an unplugged 
psuedo acoustic show: december 2001 
(16 pics)

dr israel and seven: pictures from buju banton tour
a month-long tour opening for buju banton across
the northeast and midwest: july/august 2001 
(30 pics)

dr israel and seven: pictures from london
a show opening for tricky at the royal festival
hall in london: june 2001
(25 pics)

tamar-kali: pictures from dc
a show played in washington dc on the 
twenty third of december, 2000
(20 pics)